News Update for 12/134/22

Highlands County residents will be hearing the sound of freedom today, as officials at the Avon Park Air Force Range have announced they are hosting another training session. The increased air traffic will run from mid-morning until late tonight. Noise levels are predicted to be high.
No word on what kind of aircraft will be working out or where they are originating.

One person reportedly lost their life last night in a traffic crash on the south end of Avon Park. The 2-vehicle mishap occured near the intersection of Highway 27 and Robinette – just south of College Drive.
Florida Highway Patrol officials worked the accident – but have yet to issue a report.

Workforce housing took another step forward in The City of Charm last night as Avon Park city council members voted to close a right of way, that will allow for the construction of some 325 houses between Lakes Anoka and Lelia.
Residents of the nearby Lacy Hills community turned out to oppose the move, saying they use the dirt trail as a path to Highway 27.
Council members disagreed, saying they needed the proposed rental community for famlies and a place for workers to live.