News Update for 121422

Fire Rescue members responded to a hard landing at the Sebring Regional Airport last night.
Two passengers were on board the single-engine aircraft when it went off the runway then went nose-in to the dirt. No injuries were reported.
Highlands County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation.

Harder Hall developers have released an update on renovations to the big pink hotel on the shores of Little Lake Jackson. They say that over the past few months, crews have emptied out the insides of the building and are about six weeks out for renovations to the tennis pro shop – which will then become their offices.
Next will be roof improvements, termite tenting and new windows. St. Petersburg Developer Robert Blackmon says it won’t be fast – but work is underway.

Florida Highway Patrol officials finally have released details of that Monday night fatal traffic accident on the south end of Avon Park. A Sebring man was northbound on Highway 27, when his car hit the back of a van, careened off the road and overturned.
The 67-year-old victim was pronounced dead. The van driver was not hurt. The rest remains under investigation.

It appears Avon Park has a water meter problem. According to Public Works Director Rick Reed, there are 1,000 meters in the city that are not working and need to be replaced. City council members are doing their best to fix the issue, ording a batch of Badger Meters that now will be put in to replace the inoperable ones.
Reed says some of the meters are more than two decades old and are made not to be repaired. Reed also took the time to announce his retirement. He’ll be leaving the city January 9th.

Do you remember that bull found by Hardee County Sheriff’s deputies last month? The Black Angus was found off County Road 664A. It has no markings and to date, nobody has stepped forward to claim ownership.
Now, Sheriff Vent Crawford says the bovine will be put up for sale, to help amortize what it has cost to keep him. The sale will take place December 20, at the Arcadia Stockyard.