News Update for 9/27/23

It may be that time of year, reports are coming in about the sightings of Love Bugs again. The insects that "fly united" come twice a year – once in the spring, then again in the fall. So far, the infestation appears to be light.

Acting on the advice of consultants, Avon Park city council members have voted to give the Florida Airport Management group a raise. They voted to give them another five grand. The new $15,000 per month total is about half again what the group had been receiving – but is less than the $25,000 monthly stipend that FAM had requested.
Consultant Lowell Clary told the council, the city will be able to recoup the money, when a pending Federal Aviation Administration grant comes through. FAM officials say they hope to have that all wrapped up by Christmas.

Those planning for Tricker Treat activities can look to Saturday, October 28 as the day the little monsters can go out for Beggars Night. Highlands County and the cities of Avon Park and Sebring have agreed that will be their official date.
Reportedly, the Town of Lake Placid will have a Halloween Block Party and trickertreating on the traditional October 31st. That will be a Tuesday evening.