News Update for 11/8/22

As Tropical Storm Nichole wends its way toward Florida. Highlands County has declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm’s arrival. In a report to the commission, Interim Emergency Manager Mark Ellis told commissioners that Nichole will be basically a rain event, with most of the activity kept to the North of Highlands Continue reading

News Update for 11/7/22

You know all that hurricane stuff you bought? Don’t put it away just yet. A system in the Atlantic is churning this way and early models show it coming up against the east central Floria coast. Once known as 98L it’s know as sub-tropical storm Nichole and could impact us here in Highlands county. the Continue reading

News Update for 11/4/22

A new report by Smartest Dollar shows that the Avon Park-Sebring metro area lags behind the national average when it comes to the most new businesses per capita. The analysis shows that locally, we saw some 1,592 new business applications last year – which was 15.73 percent increase. That’s slightly behind the national average of Continue reading

News Update for 11/3/22

The search for a new Highlands County administrator came under fire at this week’s county comission meeting. Resident Ray Royce, who also is the executive director of the Highlands County Citrus Grower’s association and a Lake Placid Town Councilman, took Strategic Government Resources to task for a percieved lack of effort in the process. Royce Continue reading

News Update for 11/2/22

Contract haulers have been working their way through Highlands County, picking up debris from Hurrican Ian. To date, the trucks have taken in nearly 216,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris. Some 19,000 cubic yards have come out of Avon Park, with nearly 17,000 out of Sebring and 10,000 out of Lake Placid. The bulk has Continue reading

News Upate tor 11/1/22

The training sorties don’t seem to be letting up at the Avon Park Air Force range. Officials there say that they will have training exercises at the bombing range going on until late tonight. They caution that there will be increased levels of noise as the pilots work on honing their skills. Highlands County commissioners Continue reading

News Update for 10/28/22

Early voting started yesterday in Highlands County with a light turnout across the three polling locations here. Some 1,660 people showed up to cast ballots in person in Lake Placid, Sebring and Avon Park. Although the attention has been focused on the Governor’s race, the constitutional amendments and merit retention for judges – there is Continue reading

News Update for 10/27/22

The polls open this morning in Highlands County for this year’s elections. Early voting will be held at the Lake Placid Government Center, the Avon Park City Council Chambers and the Penny Ogg Operations Center in Sebring. Election Day will be Tuesday, November 8. That being said, there already have been more than 8,000 residents Continue reading

News Update for 10/26/22

It may not be news to many, but the Sebring/Avon Park area does not show well when it comed to high paying jobs. A new study looking at affordable locations in America shows that locally, there aren’t many folks pulling down six-digit salaries. The analysis shows that less than one half of one percent of Continue reading

News Update for 10/25/22

It may be a while before the lawnmower races start again at the Avon Park Mowerplex. City council members last night stopped short of signing a contract with NASGRASS, saying they first want an environmental study of the former landfill where the racetrack is located, to see how much, if any, pollution may be there. Continue reading